Want more from your crops?

Start with your cover crop.


Not all cover crops are created equal.

Cover crops from KB Seed Solutions will increase organic matter, scavenge nutrients, decrease erosion, and improve soil structure. These factors all lead to increased return on investment for your farm.

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Annual Ryegrass

KB Seeds annual ryegrasses scavenge nitrogen and promote nutrient cycling, which translates to bigger harvests and better profits.


With superior genetics and an amazingly aggressive brassica taproot, NitroRadish™ drills through compaction like it’s not even there.

Clover, Turnips, and Peas

Crimson clover, purple top turnips, and winter peas can help improve soil quality, suppress weeds, and control erosion.


What our customers are saying:

From farmer to farmer, KB Seed provides me with service, quality and integrity that I am looking for. Best of all, they support the conservation efforts that I strive for.
— Mike Starkey, Indiana
I appreciate the personal service and support I receive from KB Seed. It’s important to have someone who can answer critical questions. Their annual ryegrass quality is always excellent.
— Jack Maloney, Indiana
In these last five years I’ve tried lots of different cover crop mixes from lots of different seed companies. KB Royal Ryegrass and Nitro Radish quickly became two of my favorites. KB Royal handles any condition we put it in including standing water! Nitro Radish breaks up compaction, mines nutrients and emergence is always excellent.
— Johnny Hunter, Missouri
We had been considering cover crops for the last several years. KB Seed was very helpful in getting us started with a program that we could manage and be successful with. Because they’re in production of cover crop seed also, their farm knowledge has been very useful to us.
— Chad Galles, Minnesota

KB Seed founders Nick Bowers and Wayne Kizer are fourth generation farmers in Linn County, Oregon, known as the "Grass Seed Capital of the World."